What should you do with a pet that you can no longer keep?

Maybe your pet is having behavioral problems, or not getting along with other pets in your home. Or perhaps your child has a pet allergy. Or you might be having a hard time finding an apartment or rental property that allows you to have a pet. There are lots of reasons that pet owners realize they can no longer keep their pet.

The first step is to take a step back and assess the situation thoroughly before making a decision too quickly. In the case of behavior problems there are lots of resources available to help you train your pet and improve the situation. If you are not able to find rental properties that allow for pets you might consider speaking with the property owner and discuss the possibility of exceptions.

If you are sure you can no longer keep your pet the second step is to ensure your pet is taken to a safe and caring home.

Most local animal shelters are a great resource for information about pet adoption and other programs. You can start at theshelterpetproject.org. On this site you can simply enter your zip code and find a great list of animal shelters and animal control agencies that are in your community. You can also look up these organizations in your local phone book.

Another option is to put your animal up for sale or for free in your local classifieds – This will allow you to meet the people who will be taking your pet and choose a good caring home.

If you have a dog of a specific breed, there may be rescue organizations that are breed specific in your aria. These organization will accept your pet and work with you to find a good home.

More great information can be found by visiting the Humane Society website.


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