What do you need for a new puppy?

Here it is… The new puppy checklist!

It can be a bit daunting to bring a new puppy home, especailly for anyone new to pet ownership. There are a lot of things to consider, and things to prepair. Here are a few of the most important things you will want to have ready when you bring your new pup home!

1. Food and treats

Food is obviously the first thing you need to meet for your furry friend. You should buy whatever they were eating before for the first bag of food. After this, talk to your vet to decide what puppy food will work best. Remember to stick with puppy food since it has all the nutrients your puppy needs to grow up healthy.

Puppy treats will be very important for training your new puppy, so be sure to pick a few varieties so you can figure out which one they like best. All puppies will be more motivated for training if they’re expecting their favorite treat at the end!

2. Food and water dishes

Obviously, your puppy will need something to eat out of. While you may only put out the food dish at meal times, your puppy needs access to fresh water at all times. If you find your puppy eats too fast, consider getting a slow feeder.

3. Collar, harness, leash, and ID tags

These are very important for safe walks as well as making sure your puppy can be returned to you. While getting your puppy chipped is a good idea, having a collar and tag can help return your puppy more quickly if they manage to wander off.

4. Crate and dog bed

Crate training is very important for puppies so they can be comfortable at the vet and groomers. It also gives your puppy a nice place to nap if they want some privacy. A dog bed for your puppy to sleep in will make their crate more cozy and tempting to sleep in. Having a few scattered around gives your puppy plenty of places to rest.

5. Cleaning products

Puppies can be very messy, and accidents are expected while they’re still learning. You don’t want to be rushing out to buy cleaner after an accident! An enzyme cleaner will help get out urine smells and stains. Be sure your cleaners are pet-safe. Since your puppy will likely shed, be sure to look into a vacuum that can handle pet hair.

6. Puppy toys

Puppies need lots of mental stimulation or they get bored. A bored puppy is a destructive puppy. If you don’t give them puppy-safe chew toys, they may pick your shoes to get their chewing fix! Giving a decent amount of variety while you learn what toys your puppy prefers is a good idea.

Just make sure the toy is the right size for your puppy. Giving a St. Bernard puppy a toy meant for a chihuahua may result in choking.

7. Grooming supplies

All dog owners should have basic grooming supplies on hand like brushes and shampoo. Even if you intend to take your puppy to a groomer, you may have your puppy get into a mess that requires an immediate bath. You should also have nail clippers and styptic powder to stop bleeding. A brush and comb to help keep your puppy’s coat looking nice is also necessary.

8. Medications and preventive treatments

Basic preventive treatments like heartworm medication and flea treatments are something all dog owners need to be concerned with. You should consult with your vet to decide what you need to keep on hand as well as what will become part of your normal care routine for your new best friend.