Vaccines – A Quick Reminder!

Vaccines are important for your new pet dog or cat just like they are for children. Vaccines protect against contagious and potentially fatal diseases by triggering immune responses that help your pet fight infections. Vaccines have saved millions of pets lives.  Puppy_PET

Although there is some controversy about vaccination for pets (just like there is for vaccinating babies) there is no evidence of widespread harm caused by vaccines – there is however loads of proof that a lack of vaccination can cause animals to get sick and often die.

I am a big proponent of vaccinating your animals. Talk with your local veterinarian to find out which vaccines your new pet needs and how often they will need to be treated.

When deciding if you are going to bring home a new pet it is important to consider the costs associated with these important treatments. That “free” puppy or kitty can become a very expensive pet – make sure you are ready and willing to accept these important responsibilities.