The ultimate list of Korean dog names!

Korea is home to one of the world’s biggest and evolving entertainment and tourist industries. Staying true to cultural roots, the korean wave is taking the world by storm. Whether it’s their dramas, or tv documentaries and cooking shows, you can always get inspiration for something. 

This time, it’s the Korean naming culture that is slowly getting trendy across the world. Thanks to their syllables, the Korean names are short and sweet.

If you are looking for a short yet meaningful name for your dog, the Korean options are the best.

Let us get through the list and find the most suited Korean Dog Names.

Korean Male Names for Dogs

If you have a male dog, then these are the most popular Korean male names you can give to your dogs.

  1. Ah-in- second, Asia
  2. Beom- model, pattern
  3. Cho- handsome, good-looking
  4. Chan-Hyeok-  vivid, bright, and glowing
  5. Du-Hu- go
  6. Dong-hae- east sea
  7. Eun-sang- generous, idelatist, sympathetic
  8. Geon- strength, power
  9.  Ho-seok- strong, heaven, bestowed sign
  10. Hae-won- a beautiful garden
  11. Ho-rangi- tiger, guarding
  12. Hwan- bright, brilliant
  13. Hyun-sik- clear, honest
  14. In-Su- wise
  15. Ik-jun- handsome, obeying, deep
  16. Il-Sung- successful, sincere
  17. Jae-hee- shining, glittering
  18. Jong-seok- great, magnificent, eminent
  19. Kyu-hyun- Jade bearer, virtuous, virtuous, worthy
  20. Kwan- generous
  21. Min-ho- brave, courageous
  22. Myeong-soo- clever minded, quick,versatile
  23. Seo-jin- omen
  24. Seok-jin- great, large, precious, valuable
  25. Tae-hui- big, great
  26. Su-won- protect, defend, guard
  27. Seung- winning
  28. Suk- rock strong
  29. Shin- faith, belief trust
  30. Yeo- mildness, gentle
  31. Yu-jin- rich, plentiful, precious
  32. Woong- magnificence

Korean Female Names for your Dog

If you own a female dog, or are a fan of Korean female names, then this list is for you.

  1. Areum- meaning beautiful
  2. Bo-mi-  beautiful, springtime
  3. Bada-  sea, ocean
  4. Byeol- star
  5. Bit-na- to shine
  6. Choon-hee- spring girl
  7. Chan-mi- praise, commend
  8. Chorong- silk patterned cloth
  9. Danbi- long-awaited rain, sweet rain
  10. Eun-a- mercy, charity, kindness
  11. Gaeul- fall, autumn
  12. Ha-eun- kindness, mercy
  13. Hee-jin- pleasure, precious, pearl
  14. Hye – wisdom and intelligence
  15. Heyoon- wise and beautiful
  16. Hyeon-A- weep, shine, elegant, and refined
  17. In-na- soft, graceful, delicate
  18. Eunji- kindness, earth
  19. Goo – meaning to complete someone
  20. Ji-ah- perseverance, elegant, intelligent
  21. Ji-Hyun: intellect, purpose, ambition, worthy
  22. Joo- jewel
  23. Kwan- Strong
  24. Kyungri- capital city, respect
  25. Min- quick, responding
  26. Mi-sun- line, a combination of beauty and goodness
  27. Min-ji- brightness, wise 
  28. Soo- kind and charitable female
  29. Seok-Yeong- Petal, flower
  30. Ye-Ji- beautiful, wisee
  31. Yu-na- endurance, consent, moon
  32. Yu-jeong- abundant, rich 

 Korean Unisex Names for your Dog

Apart from female and male names, there are certain names that are gender-neutral and are common in Korea. These names work great for your pets, especially dogs, and are as follows.

  1. Bokshiri- fluffy
  2. Bong- phoenix
  3. Bo-ram- valuable, worthwhile
  4. Byeong- illuminating, shining
  5. Chae- to gather, collect, pluck
  6. Chun- Spring
  7. Dasom- love
  8. Dal- Moon
  9. Dae- Greatness
  10. Doori-  two people, a couple
  11. Eui- integrity, righteousness
  12. Gi- brave
  13. Hee- bright
  14. Ha-eun- God’s grace
  15. Iseul- morning dew
  16. Jung- righteous, true
  17. Kyung- honor, respect
  18. Ryung- the light
  19. Sang- helpful
  20. Su-Bin-  luxuriant, elegant, outstanding, refined
  21. Yon- blossom

Korean Dog Names Inspired from Local Culture

Over the years, Korean culture has found immense popularity overseas, with the people getting attracted towards the Korean language itself. While their names are based on two to three syllables, the dictionary is full of other short names as well. Now people are even naming their dogs after the local places, food items and even after objects, feelings and colors. 

  1. Anju- a side-dish consumed with alcohol
  2. Bora- purple
  3. Bap- rice
  4. Bam- night
  5. Bo-Bae- treasure
  6. Baek- belief
  7. Chingu- friend, partner
  8. Chang- smooth, free, unhindered
  9. Dal- moon
  10. Dae-pyonim- director, representative
  11. Dubu- tofu, used for someone with white complexion
  12. Dal- clever
  13. Hayan- white, pale
  14. Ho-sook- clear lake
  15. Ha-neul- sky
  16. Han-sol- big pine tree
  17. Han-geoul- always, forever
  18. Haru- day
  19. Him- strength
  20. Honja- alone
  21. Hwa- flower
  22. Gi- tall, rise, banner, flag
  23. Gu-reum- clouds
  24. Gyeo-ul- winter
  25. Gyo-so- Doctor, professor, teacher
  26. Jinju- pearl
  27. Jang-mi- rose
  28. Ja-shik- child
  29. Jang-goon- military general 
  30. Kimchi- fermented cabbage
  31. Kongju- princess 
  32. Kiyowo- refers to someone that’s cute
  33. Ma-eum- mind, feelings, heart
  34. Mochi- fluffy, soft
  35. Na-moo- tree, wood, firewood
  36. Nun-i- snow, eyes
  37. Nari-i- lily
  38. Ogboon- refers to Jade
  39. Pado- an ocean wave
  40. Sagwa- apple
  41. Si-woo- belief
  42. Yun- Lotus Flower, soft
  43. Yepp-eun- someone that’s extremely pretty

Wrapping up

Korean nomenclature is based on syllables, and there is no fixed name in the language. The Korean names usually rely on the Chinese characters, and thus each syllable has a different meaning depending upon how and where it is used. While the above mentioned names are common in Korea, you may create a new name by combining any two syllables. 

When it comes to naming dogs, the Koreans, especifically their elders, believe that there are certain names that you should not give your dogs, with a particular emphasis on the flower and human names. This being said, the list is quite extensive and you can choose any of the above names that vibes perfectly with your fella.

That was it regarding the ultimate list to select the name of your Korean dog.                

Till then, Happy Naming!