The Importance of Pet Tags

pettagIf you are on this site and reading this blog you probably have a new pet. So first of all, congratulations! Pet ownership can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. It can also be a challenge. When you become a pet owner you become responsible for the life of a living breathing thing! Its an important responsibility. One recommendation that I always make to new pet owners (specifically Dog and Cat owners) is to make sure your new pet has an identification tag.

Just to be clear. The purpose of a pet tag is not just to be a cute piece of jewelry that shows your pets name… thats a fun perk, but not the main purpose. The reason you want your pet to have a tag is to provide important information to anyone who finds your pet if they are lost.

In 2007, The Journal of the American Veterinary Association reported that most lost dogs and lost cats weren’t wearing tags at the time they disappeared. The lesson; make sure your pet has a tag that will help them get home. Your address and family name are important elements to include. You might also consider adding a phone number or even an email address! Make it as easy as possible for someone to contact you.

Many pet owners are also a fan of microchip tracking (you can have a small GPS tracking chip inserted into your pet). I think this is great for some… but it can be expensive, and in most cases, a simple pet tag would do the trick just fine.

Pet tags are a relatively in-expensive way to protect your pet. Normally they sell for less than $15.