How To Choose The Right Pet For Your Family

Here are a few tips for choosing the ideal pet for your family


1. One of the biggest things to consider is how much time you are willing to devote to your new pet. Animals take a lot of time and attention, but some pets don’t take as much time as others. For example, fish (and other “tank” pets) are not generally as much work as dogs and cats.¬† (but every pet requires some time and attention)

2. What do you want? This may seem silly, but its important to make sure you get the kind of pet you want! Don’t focus so much on choosing the “right” pet that you forget to find the pet you really want. If you don’t enjoy spending time with, and taking care of your new pet, it was probably a mistake. But you should also be practical. Exotic pets like Monkeys, Opossums,¬†Sugar gliders, and Hedgehogs really don’t make very good pets for average people.

3. Are there children in the house? If you have small children it probably is not a great idea to get a poisonous reptile! And some dogs can be more aggressive or territorial than others. These are good things to check before making your pet decision.

4. Money! Some pets are relatively inexpensive. A $.49 goldfish is not quite as harmful to the pocketbook as a pure bread show dog. Be aware that there are more than just the initial cost of the pet. You will also incur expenses purchasing the pet a suitable home or cage, and over time, the cost of a good diet will far exceed what you paid for the pet. You may also find that your animal needs expensive veterinary care, grooming and pet sitters. Take these things into account when you are making your pet decisions.

5. Impulse Shopping Is Particularly Bad For Pet Choosing. It is generally not a great idea to adopt or purchase a pet on a whim. Make sure choosing your new pet is a deliberate, thought-out action. Picking a new pet at a pet shop because it looks “so adorable” is not really a good way to add another long-term member to your family.

Good Luck!