House Cleaning Tips for the Dog Owner on a Budget

Your dog can fill your home with a lot of love and fun. They can also fill your home with their hair, dander, and drool, which will require specific cleaning strategies. That can add a little more to your cleaning routine, but it doesn’t have to throw your budget out of whack. If you make use of some of these tips, you can affordably keep your house fresh and clean.

Consistency Is Key

Before you implement a new cleaning routine, you should bear in mind that you’ll only get good results if you keep at it. If you’re not on top of cleaning up after your pet, you may end up having to hire expensive cleaning services. This article from The Everyday Dog Mom gives a good guide for daily and weekly cleaning activities that you have to do to keep your home clean when you have a pup. Better yet, they’re easily incorporated into your regular house cleaning schedule. Your pet’s accessories will need to be cleaned on a regular basis as well. It’s recommended that you clean food bowls daily while beds and bedding should be washed weekly. To prevent stains, be sure to clean up accidents quickly and keep some pet-friendly cleaners in your cupboard.

Tackling Hairy Situations

Dog hair can be difficult to remove from upholstery, carpets, and curtains. One of the best ways to cut down on how much hair your dog sheds around the house is to groom them on a regular basis. The frequency of grooming can vary depending on the breed, but if you have the patience and skill, you can certainly do it yourself instead of using a professional. To control the spread of hair on the floor, you can put blankets down in the areas your dog spends most of its time, and you can cover furniture with shawls. You can then shake the hair off these coverings before washing them for reuse. When cleaning up dog hair, these tips from Puppy Leaks can help. 

Ditch Dander and Drool

Most dog owners have to find a way to deal with pet dander which can be particularly troublesome if you have allergies. Since it can be hard to get rid of dander if it’s had a chance to settle, it’s important to dust often and shampoo your upholstery if possible. Carpeting can be tricky so be sure to vacuum it on a regular basis. Of course, giving your dog a weekly bath can go a long way in preventing the spread of dander in the first place. If you’re like most pet owners, you might not have expected dog drool to be such a big part of your clean up. According to this article by BarkPost, drool can accumulate on floors, windows, and carpets just to name a few areas. Fortunately, there are vacuuming tools and cleaning agents that work well for dealing with the mess. 

Control Odors

Even if you stick to your cleaning program and bathe your dog often, it’s natural for animals to have a certain smell. You may not always notice it, but it can become more obvious when they’ve eaten specific foods. Your dog can also have an odor if they’re ill or have an infection, so be sure to consult a vet if you notice a change in your pup’s scent. When dealing with pet odors, consider using an air purifier or sprinkling essential oils throughout the house. Pet owners have also found it helpful to use enzyme-based cleaners when cleaning carpets or rugs and then sprinkling baking soda on the soft surfaces. Don’t forget to let in some fresh air when you can. 

A dog owner’s cleaning schedule can be a little more involved than that of someone who doesn’t have any pets, but it doesn’t have to be expensive or time-intensive. Just slipping in a few extra activities into your daily and weekly cleaning list can keep you on top of your pet-cleaning responsibilities.