Don’t get a dog before you read this! 

I know its tempting. A cuddly little black lab pub is staring up at you from a box out front of your local grocery store and he is practically begging you to take him home. 

I am all for pet ownership, in fact I am pro pet ownership, but there are lots of things to think about before you choose to bring a new pet home.

Here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself.

  • Can you spend the necessary time taking care of a dog? (training, exercise, vet visits, feeding etc..)
  • Are you willing to put of the shedding, illnesses, messes and more? These things all come with dog ownership.
  • Can you afford the new dog? (here are some costs associated with pet ownership)
  • Do you have enough space? (you can compensate for a lack of yard with walks and parks, but this takes time)
  • Does you landlord allow dogs?
  • Are you allergic or is anyone you live with or near?
  • Do you have small children in the house or near your home? Dogs can be great with kids (and normally are) but if your pup is rambunctious or nippy it can be traumatizing for small children.
  • Are you willing to learn what a dog should and shouldn’t eat? (For instance, Dogs should never be given chocolate)

If you have considered these things and you feel that you are ready, owning a dog can be loads of fun and very rewarding.