Dont Buy Puppies From Pet Stores!

Every pet store owner will probably go to great lengths to assure you that their puppies are different. Their puppies don’t come from “puppy mills”, they come from carefully selected local breeders.

In my opinion this is nothing but hogwash. There is no responsible breeder who would EVER place one of their puppies in a local pet store. I would go as far as to say that ANY breeder who has placed a puppy in a pet shop Is disqualified as a responsible breeder. Not one who should be trusted.

Breeders who sell to pet stores are essentially condemning their puppies to cramped cages without proper care and exposing them to countless potential illnesses’. Obviously these breeders do not care what kind of home their puppies eventually end up in. I believe it is the responsibility of a responsible breeder to know who is taking in their puppies and how they will be cared for.

If you are considering buying from a pet store be ware that many puppies can have illnesses, and tramma as a result of the conditions they experience in a pet store.

As in everything, there might be few exceptions, but I believe this is far too often the case.