Deciding On The Right Pet – A Word Of Advice

This post will be relatively short in comparison with some of my others. I dont have a great deal to say.. just a word of advice. Pet ownership is a big responsibility. It can be a great deal of fun and can also be very rewarding, but it is also hard work and requires time and motivation. If you decide that you and your family are ready to have a pet, decide what pet would be the best fit for your home and family before you rush off to the nearest pet store or shelter. Do a little research into the type of animal or bread that you are interested in. Not all animals are the same! Different types of dogs vary greatly from bread to bread and most other animals are similar.

Too often I hear about individuals who are moved by the cute puppies in a box at Walmart and take one home only to realize two weeks later that they are not ready for a pet in their home. It is a tragedy when animals are taken in by owners who do not have the time or ability to care for them. This only leads to more animals in shelters or on the streets.

Having a pet can be a wonderful addition to your home and family. I certainly encourage pet ownership, but only when you are ready and prepared for the responsibility.