The Dangers of Exotic Pets

captive lion petExotic animals like wolves, alligators, monkeys and lions seem really exciting, but there are countless risks involved with the care of such animals. They can carry diseases that are fatal to humans, and they can be very dangerous. There are some qualified individuals who care for exotic pets in a captive environment (a zoo for example) but this is generally for good reason, and only select animals are chosen. These beautiful animals do not deserve to live a captive life in cages. They will only thrive in their natural habitats. 

If you have thought of trying to keep exotic animals as a pet there are a few things (in addition to those I listed above) that I recommend remembering.

Exotic animals do not make good companions. The care required, special housing requirement, diet, exercise, disease prevention, medical care, and safety risks make them very difficult to care for.

Exotic animals are not happy in captive environments. Most are territorial and require interaction from a group of their own species. An exotic pet is isolated and spends the majority of its time in an enclosure unable to roam and express natural behaviors freely.

When an individual finally realizes that they cant care for an exotic pet any longer, usually they will turn to zoos or some other institution relieve them of the responsibility involved with the animals care. However, all the zoos and institutions can’t accommodate the all of the unwanted exotic animals that exist. Consequently, the majority of these animals are euthanized or abandoned.

If you are an animal lover that is considering an exotic pet of this nature I personally strongly recommend that you think carefully about the decision.

There are hundreds of great pet options, many of them are unique and exciting. Choose a pet that will be happy in the life you can provide, and one that you can confidently care for.

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