Choosing The Right Pet Name

So how do you choose the perfect name for your new friend?

Here are a few pet naming tips to get you started

1. Choose a name that is short (one or two syllables long). Pets tend to recognize and respond to short names more easily than long names. So supperflymcscruffles might not be the ideal name… Unless of corse you choose to use a short nickname. Maybe supperflymcscruffles can go by scruffle?

2. When you are naming your new pet (especially dogs), it is good to avoid names that sound too much like common commands (No, Stay, Sit, Down). Joe for example sounds a lot like “No”.

3. Find a name that fits your pet now, and one that will always fit. For example zippy might work for your new puppy, but do you want your lazy old dog to be named Zippy? Maybe you do! But something to think about. You want to pick a name that can grow with your pet. For example the name “Kitten” might become less appropriate as your cat grows older.

4. Be adventurous and unique!

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