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What is the AKC?

The American Kennel Club is an organization known for their registration process for purebred dogs, however their website contains a lot more than just that! This website is a fantastic resource for all things dog related. From picking out the right type of dog breed for your family, to training your new addition, the AKC site is full of valuable information. Read more

How To Choose The Right Dog Breed For Your Family

Choosing the right dog bread can be tricky. I ran into this nifty tool from Animal Planet that I just had to share! I highly recommend spending a few minutes here if you are planning to bring home a new puppy / dog! Read more

6 Things You Should Know Before You Get A Bird

Should I Get A Pet Bird?

1. You will probably have to buy new cookware! You might be surprised to learn that Teflon and many other “Non-Stick” cookware can be fatal to birds. When pans coated with this material are heated they can give off an odorless fume that is deadly to birds – killing them within minutes. You will most likely need to stick with stainless steel. Read more